Alright, I’m going to be quite frank with you all. I am absolutely disappointed with this video. I absolutely loved this song off Honor’s debut project: State of the Art. This is my favorite record off the album and I had such high expectations for the video. I get it, highlight real, why not do a video with awesome sports clips, but seriously Honors, you could have hit CLP up and we would have been more than willing to coming up with something ill for you! Can someone please explain to me why the scene of Jordan infamously shrugging his shoulders wasn’t used during the break in the song right before the “how the fuck am I doing this”? In addition, if I were sticking with “highlight reel” clips, I would have definitely chosen as many HD clips as possible. It’ 2012 dammit! Ok…I’m done…IJS! EFF! This song is still jammin…I’ll still keep putting people onto English’s illness, but from a true fan…smh. Share and enjoy!


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