I always like to explore ideas and concepts in the most objective ways possible. Today’s issue at hand is the concept of bringing Solar Roadways into reality. The concept of Solar panels have been around for quite some time. I remember my pops taught me about them after showing me one that was embedded into my simple calculator. He used to cover up the small solar cell, and I would watch at the numbers on the liquid crystal display (LCD) would slowly fade out. It was genius then…and still is to this day. Now, in 2014… I won’t bother going into why we…as a modern day society all be it here in the US, or overseas aren’t running completely on Solar Power. Instead of diverting into a discussion about politics and corporate debauchery, let’s just presume it’s more fun to drill massive holes in the most remote deserts and destroy the planet in order to harvest and then process crude oil and petroleum to then further utilize into literally everything material we know and have come to expect…idiots! I digress.

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Now that we’ve resolved that issue, let take a look at the concept of Solar Roadways. As mentioned earlier, the concept of harvesting the Sun’s energy to provide clean energy for humanities use is nothing new. Just recently in fact, a company called IVANPAH teamed up with NRG Energy, Google and BrightSource Energy to create a $2.2 billion, 400-megawatt Solar Electric Generating System, which covers 5 square miles and has three 40-story towers where the light is focused. It’s estimated that 1 megawatt can provide enough energy to power approximately 1000 homes. Therefore… 400 megawatts… can make an impact on 400,000 homes. There’s pretty damn good if you ask me. While I won’t delve into the legitimacy of Google’s contribution in this matter, I must say this is a pretty decent…and long overdue step in the right direction. 

Fast forward and I introduce to you all: Solar Roadways, which has been in development by Julie and Scott Brusaw of Idaho,  since at least the mid-2000’s. The idea is simple and genius. Replace all the current asphalt surfaces with solar panels and watch the money pile up. However, as intriguing as this idea is, there seem to be some naysayers…or haters rather who think it just can’t be done. Analysis has been made to it’s cost effectiveness (obviously asphalt being cheaper) and durability. While all good points, what upsets me the most is why there are those out there who feel inclined to find every way to say no it can’t happen… than to simply figure out ways to make it happen. GAT Damn haters I tell you.


The idea is solid and the short and long term benefits are innumerable. The haters will say it will cost approximately $56 Trillion to turn Solar Roadways into reality. That’s a lot of money for anyone… but considering that some sources say the US could spend $6 Trillion alone on the Iraq “War”, I say cut out all that noise and let’s do the damn thing. Solar Roadways, is currently an IndieGoGo campaign, that still has contribution time left if you;re down for the cause. Even if you can’t afford it… I hope the concept of Solar Roadways can make you think differently about how we as a society utilize energy.

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