I know we’ve been trying to spread many positive vibes here at The Nation, and it usually pans out pretty well. With that out of the way, it’s time to put things into perspective . I saw this video on Facebook, and in all honesty… the intro to the record had me hooked, because I automatically knew I wanted to grab this record for later use. However, upon closer examination…I was reminded that… man… who am I kidding? Gentlemen, if being at a party, on a beach, in the company of these fine creations from the heavens is not on your top life priority lists…then it’s time to assess what’s going on. Regardless of sexual preference, one does not simply stumble upon a video of fallen angels dancing on a beach…and not thirst. Because you’re not there…your life sucks. Face it. I digress. Check out this cool little tune from Calavera & Manya called I Feel ( Siente Me). I FEEL, like going on a vacation, to whereever the ladies in this video were. Share and enjoy! Damn. I’m thirsty. I need a beer! Calavera & Manya are a Dj duo from Belgrade, Serbia. You gon’ learn today!

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Check out some still’s from the video below.