Any great performing artist can take the stage and fill a live set with fireworks and theatrics. However it’s only when and artist can make a deeper connection with the crowd, do their talents really begin to impress on the minds of show goers.

The same can be said for the premier artists of CLP Nation: Alec Burnright and Dilligaf. Though their individual styles easily cross-pollinate multiple lanes in hip hop, both artists show fans true authenticity, through the truth and pure skill.

The two will be seen blessing the stage at this year’s A3C Hip Hop Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. They will appear with Saint & DEA at The Experiment Showcase, October 11th 6:00 PM @ Space2 (Old 4th Ward).

Alec Burnright | ABR

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Standing 6′ 4″, Alec Burnright’s height alone is worth the price of admission. Combine that prowess with his uncanny ability to deliver both blisteringly fast and soulfully elegant verses for songs and your next question should be: What’s the price of admission? His songs are written for a generation who’s morale is in much need of a restart.

Dilligaf | DGF

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On a different wavelength, Dilligaf is a true student of the game. Every verse and lyric is immaculately crafted to display his abilities as a writer and wordsmith. His on stage command is brilliant, especially in the battle arena where his punchlines have left crowd’s awestruck night after night.

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