I’ve been hearing more and more about this dude Alex Wiley. He seems to be in a lane of his own, while still maintaining an authentic style that pays homage to how skillful hip-hop has progressed. Without trying to jump on the band wagon of every internet star who catches a buzz, I did come across this new record from him called Vibrations.

Shortly after, I found an even cooler remix, done by Honest and figured I had to share this with you all. I do prefer the Remix better than the original, but only because its a bit lighter to consume, sonically. However, the chorus over all is what this new generation would refer to as…”snapping”. Alex Wiley’s original version of Vibrations is available on iTunes below.

Honest’s remix is available for a free download below as well. Keep your vibrations up, by getting your health and mind right…and by visiting CLPNation.com daily.

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Purchase on iTunes:Vibration (Extended Version) – Single – Alex Wiley


Stream & Download the Honest Remix here: