I was just minding my business, checking through various media outlets to see what was new in the world. During this daily process, I stumbled upon a great read over at 2DBZ that spun from a single Jay-Z line: “Do You Fools Listen To Music Or Do You Just Skim Through It?.” As you may already be aware, every day there are like 56,473 new records put out. What happens next? Any given curator sifts through the mess to feature whatever kinds of music and/or artists that fit their specific criteria. Some feature mainstream artists, some feature only indie, some a mixture of the two. The curation continues to trickle down on different levels and becomes more and more specific as time allocation & budget limits decrease. Personally, I follow many different curation teams, blogs, radio shows etc. to find gems that I feel should have more light – as much as little old can shine on them. Why? Because I appreciate the music. When I really like a record or album, I try to include it in as many of our paid promotional campaigns as I can. Why? Because I appreciate the music. I recommend these particular records to artists, music enthusiasts and bloggers to spread the word. Why? Because I appreciate the music. Sometimes I see a particular piece posted on four-hundred and twenty seven different blogs, all with the same captions or watered-down reviews… and I may ignore them in favor of equally dope, lesser known tunes. Why? Because everyone else is busy following the hype, while we appreciate the music.

Now… if we refer back to the 75,983 new records that are released every 4 hours… and we take into consideration the curators with time enough to post about all of them as quickly as possible…. carry the one, and now you have a bonafide clusterfuck. What we have is a case of thousands and thousands of readers that are expecting thousands and thousands of new records all the time, right now, ASAP. Naturally, due to the nature of business, everybody wants their share of the pie – fair or not. So I fully understand that strides in technology made both making music and sharing music easier and more accessible. However, I wouldn’t and didn’t imagine that the folks who were actively perpetuating the trend would comment on its devastating effects to the culture… I’m glad they do though. I’m glad they acknowledge that the word “classic” is well over-used and all-too-easily earned – usually within hours of a new release. I’m glad they are aware.

But I’ve rarely been one to follow the herd (the same can be said about CLP Nation as a whole), so I would be inclined to disagree with this statement that enjoying an album is dead. I know that the statements are broad… generalized to fit the combined hive mind that is the Music Consumer of the day. I know that regardless of who does the press coverage, there will still be 123,482 new records released everyday. I know that much like the person who called Kendrick a God 30 minutes after hearing untitled unmastered, my ideas may be easily dismissed by anyone with more followers than myself. I get it. But I care not. Why? Because I appreciate the music. WE appreciate the music.

To make a long story short, we generally don’t care about bringing you something first unless we partner with an artist to premier their artwork. We’ve recently started to dabble into the world Sync Licensing so we’re much more concerned that the music we bring you has some sort of lasting value… or at least we hope it can be valuable to our readers. We want you to be inspired by the unknown… as inspired as we were when the sounds first hit our eardrums. That’s why we love to re-share our previously posted content. That’s why we love to give back to the artists who’s budgets may not yet match their ambitions. That’s why we continue to collect gems for our mixtape series. That’s why we love to dig through tons of music that ranges from ‘crappy,’ to ‘not so crappy,’ to ‘god damn where’s the rewind button???’ Because we appreciate it.

To be fair, there are plenty of albums that just aren’t that good all the way though… no matter how much you want to show your appreciation. In those cases, we’ll pick out one or several records we thought were vibing and share just those instead. But screw that noise; here are just a few examples of full albums that we’ve posted in the past and still enjoy playing front-to-back to this day:

Jack Fletcher – The Seminar

Mackey Emannuel – TGA

Al-Fatir – Love Don’t Live Here No More