What do you call an artist that has the innate ability to separate from the physical at a moments notice and pull inspiration from the ether, far beyond the clouds? Furthermore, what can you call a beautiful woman who has full command of her lower self and crystal clear connection with her higher Self? Queen of Ex is just one title you might bestow upon such a person. I’ve been in attendance at more than a handful of Queen’s shows and I am always, indubitably blown away. Like, to pieces. Small pieces that you can only put back together by entering a deep, trance-like mental state and reclaiming all of your senses. In the up-and-coming music and art scenes, I’m under the impression that it’s been historically frowned upon to Stan over one of your peers… but if you don’t understand by now, let’s just say that I am one more Queen of Ex performance away from starting an official fan club. Every time we run into each other, I make it a point to show and tell her how much I am truly inspired by her mere presence, by her ability to channel energies from the great beyond. Sometimes I look at all the enthralled faces in the crowd at Queen’s shows and I wonder if I am the only one that can see the etheric cords stretching out from her Being, reaching deep into the hearts of the crowd before her. I could probably write 20,000 words on the magic I have witnessed during her performances. On that note, I would imagine that this honest recognition of and appreciation for her art style and artwork are what earned me a spot at at her recent invite-only, unplugged shindig where she would be filming a Tiny Desk concert entry. Needless to say, I was more than stoked when she hit me up.

Give the drummer some!

After weeks of mentally preparing to not geek out on sight, I was ready. I thought I knew what I was in for after seeing Queen perform many times… but with the intimate setting, the special guest-list building my feeling of self-importance, and all the anticipation I created in my mind, all I did was craft a recipe for sure and certain emotional turmoil (but in a damn good way). Until that point, I had never been to an event like this. An event devoid of ulterior motives? Unheard of. A room full of truly happy people whose sole purpose was to support and uplift an amazing soul who was not themselves? How, Sway?! I felt real love circling the room; GOD was in the building that night and I believe that EVERYONE in attendance felt it. Public Enemy’s Chuck D once said that if the community doesn’t support the artists, then we can’t expect the artists to turn around and support the community. Well with the help of her drummer and some amazing vocalists, the one and only Queen of Ex had all that covered; St. Petersburg, FL wasn’t ready!

Aja is a fool!

In the video below, your eyes may see but a moving, two-dimensional snapshot of the vibrations we experienced that evening. A hologram that could not possibly fully reiterate the potent ambiance that permeated the premises and precipitated bright, pearly smiles on over a dozen faces. The Queen of Ex experience is one that delivers you to a Higher power – or, perhaps, that Higher power is delivered to you – by way of her Being. I can only hope that you can feel a fraction of the force that hit me. The show left me drained. We paid for this impactful performance with all of our love and, in return, she gave us all of hers. Don’t get me started on when her eyes get to rolling in the back of her head; I’m immediately transported to wherever it is she goes, right along side her, making the grooves evermore wavy. Again, I look around and ask mySelf if anyone else picks up on the channeling Queen does… and by the mystified looks on their faces, it is clear that they, too, were picking up what she was putting down. Yet, still, I feel that self-importance start to rise up again and chuckle to myself as I revel in the fact that I was even able to witness such a spectacle.

After we came back down from our collective high… praise and joy were shared… all of our goodbyes were said… I slowly made my way back to my car… recollected, decompressed, and cried tears of the highest elation before driving home. Thank you Queen of Ex!