Is Exhibit B-5 real? From Cindy Vela’s facebook:
“Originally shot as a 4 minute short film, the last 1 minute of the video was later posted as a stand alone. The ‘court case’ reference in the beginning of Exhibit B-5 is supposed to be the “back story” of the short film. Please note that the uploader of the video never posted ‘not fake’ on the videos, OTHER people who stole the video from Youtube uploaded it with the ‘not fake’ words in the title.”

Vela recently added an album to her Facebook page, On the set of ‘Exhibit B-5’ aka ‘Girl Dies’

Written & Directed: Kyle Rankin. Digital FX: R. Zane . Rachel (girl who dies): Cindy Vela. Sheri (blonde/roommate): Mircea Monroe. Neighbor (guy who scares Rachel/neighbor): Corin Nemec.

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  • San Ta

    Not true. go and check: go to and check her credits… Exhibit B-5 (girl dies) is the original title to the short video.

  • Ya. Cindy’s twitter is linked in the post! Follow her… And us too! Check out our videoooooossssssss

  • Aca


  • OMG!!!

  • It does look very real but I assure you Cindy is very much alive. She is starring in my new indie feature film Mahogany Sunrise.

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