While Wale didn’t feel what Complex Mag was talking about when they decided to edge his album from their 2013 end of year selections, you’ve got to give credit where credit is due. We selected Juicy J’s Stay Trippy, as one of the best of 2013…and we still stand behind that decision. Juicy J has demonstrated amazing longevity in hip hop music with his uncanny ability to forever maintain his core fans and remain relevant in a here today gone tomorrow industry. Some may argue that his music isn’t ground breaking or game changing and to that I would definitely agree. However, upon closer listen to this Talkin’ Bout record, or any record off Stay Trippy, it’s easy to realize that Juicy J is a genius. Ready to see how?

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His raps, while simple, are clear…and easy to understand. There’s no questioning or debating any of his lyrics or the messages they convey. His production…post production and sonic engineering are still masterful. The records are mixed and edited perfectly, over beats that still rival some of present day industry fad setters. 20 years in the game and Juicy J hasn’t seem to have lost a step.   Above all though, what make’s Juicy J dope, is simply his ability to capitalize off the dummies who feed into the nonsense exonerated in today’s hip hop culture. When it comes to living a fast life, filled with nights of wild sex, illicit drug useage and balling…few can paint as vivid an image for listeners like Juicy can. I can’t fault or judge or hate on Juicy J for consistently being able to capitalize on these opportunities. Let’s face it, once a song title and hook like…”Bands A Make Her Dance“…became socially and grammatically acceptable…it was safe to say that neither you nor Juicy can say to no to ratchet music. If you’re digging this record, check out Stay Trippy and let us know if you agree. But if you disagree, don’t be afraid to let us know why. Leave us a comment below. Regardless, visit CLPNation.com daily as we curate the best new musi, videos and other creative works from across the internets.

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