Alright, so I gave this one a solid few listens. I’m digging the concept, and overall vibe of thebluetape. Gatsby produced most of the project, creating an overall solid sound. Additional production by Scott Aye (the masquerade.) and Timeless One (triumph.). Guest appearances from the West Egg and Bluuzone collectives. There were a few tracks that took longer to develop than I cared for, but I do review a’lot of music, so I’m always looking to get to the meat and potatoes as soon as possible. Give this one a listen and share your thoughts on it; Gatsby and all of the West Egg Illuminati would definitely appreciate the feedback. If you’re digging it… don’t forget to share and enjoy!


Stand out tracks:

  • triumph
  • trilluminati
  • watchmen
  • masquerade

There’s a free download of the aforementioned here. Enjoy! Shouts out to And on a final note… thebluetape did receive Album of the Year honors at the first ever @MieuxMagazine awards. Respect!

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