New Rule! Rapper’s aren’t allowed to rap about dope…selling dope…or getting dope money without featuring Pusha T. Let’s be honest…with rap music in utter shambles it’s hard to find authenticity at the industry level…especially in the genre of dope music. Sprinkle a little King Push on your record though, and you’re sure to have the so called dope boys fading into the darkness. For the obvious aforementioned reason, I’m digging this selection tonight.

move that dope, future, pharrell, pharrell williams, pusha t

The visuals are simple and straight forward, but still exciting and fun. Futures part on the record isn’t amazing…but it does the trick..I suppose. Pusha’s verse is again a face scruncher…which I’ve come to anticipate, so I was hyped to know that he didn’t disappoint. Now let’s get to the good stuff. Pharrell has rapped throughout his career, but this verse was actually one of his most honest verses…at least in the last year or two since his most recent uprising. There was one line that really sealed the deal for me on this record:

If you got two hoes…you need to let one go…got two lambos…you need to let one go…all these drones while y’all smoke that dro, as an honest guy, I’m tryna let y’all know…

move that dope, future, pharrell, pharrell williams, pusha t

That one line summed up what I thought was a stellar verse. For you simple folk…that line essentially means, that if you’re about that life…moving dope and such…then do you…and go on about your business. However, the moment you start to ball so hard…motherfuckers…specifically those who have control of, and operate unmanned drones…will…well you get the idea. Genius and prolific at the same damn time. Genilific! Props to P for dropping some sense…and also for leaving us with another dope beat…more reminiscent of his older works! Visit daily as we scour the internets for the best creative works! You all catch the cameos by School Boy Q, Wiz Khalifa and Tyler The Creator?


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