Here’s another 70’s album my homie Vandul put me on to. The first one was “Just a Poke” by Sweet Smoke. This one comes from an American rock band from Detroit, named Black Merda; the supposed “first” black rock band. I’ll skip the politics on that “first” black crap and let you enjoy these tunes!

Download The Psych-Funk Of Black Merda.



01. Black Merda — Cinthy-Ruth
02. Linnie Walker With Black Merda — People Let Me Know
03. Soul Agents* — Foxy Lady
04. VC L. Veasey — Got Me Running
05. VC L. Veasey — As Sisters And Brothers
06. VC L. Veasey — We’ve Got The Power
07. Black Merda — Reality
08. Linnie Walker With Black Merda — DArn Well
09. Soul Agents* — Foxy Lady (Instrumental)
10. VC L. Veasey — Do Nothing Wrong
11. VC L. Veasey — The Original Man