So my mans @AlecBurnright hit me with a beat on the good ole Facebook today, and it was pretty damn real. We’ll be featuring that beat later on in our show, but interestingly enough lead me to Joyner Lucas. This is our first encounter with Lucas, but via this Dear America record, it was like the Universe sent this one to me. Look it up, those are facts! The record is as outspoken as they come in regards to the civil unrest that we’re seeing today here in the States. While Killer Mike’s contributions have been quite notable, Joyner Lucas’ Dear America leaves no stone un-turned. This record is flat out dope. I don’t hesitate in saying that this record really needs to make you get into your Fuck That Shit (FTS) zone. 

Seriously though, with the sheer tom foolery that we’ve been dealing with as a society, it’s well past due that we start thinking and feeling for ourselves. Open your eyes to whats really going down in your neck of the woods. You be the light of change. Last time I checked, it was still free as hell to share a smile or kind gesture with someone  during your day to day trials. Does it sound corny if I’m saying it? Am I…purposefully digressing? 

If so, Lucas, shows great command of his skills as he went postal across this record, leaving you no choice but to listen. We always want to know how you all feel about the records we share here at The Nation, but for this one, we really need this record to inspire you to think. Leave your thoughts and comments below, and be sure to share and enjoy this one with your family! Check back with daily as we curate the best creative works from across the internet.

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