We have a winner!!!

Post by CLP Nation.

Woi! It’s ya boi Alec Burnright in the flinesh. When we’re not curating works from artists around the world, we’re busy thinking of new ways to fire our viewers up and get them into the artists we’ve already put in front of you. What better way to get your ears interested… than to butter up your pockets? Introducing #Free99Sundays, where CLPNation.com will offer free shxt to the people who enjoy the dope material we showcase on the daily.

Today’s contest will involve Lab Rats vol. 1, a compilation mixtape featuring songs we produced for various artists. 3 lyrics will be selected from 3 random songs on the tape; we will not tell you who the artist is or the name of the song. In order to win the iTunes gift card, you will need to listen to the mixtape and finish the 3 lyrics.

Here are the 3 lyrics. Listen to the mixtape and finish the lines. You MUST leave the answer in a comment below. You can leave a comment with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profile. (Leave a comment)


“Only kush packs I breathe, got me Urkin like Steve.


“These bitches think it’s easy, all they do is twerk.


“Let me see a show of hands, who holding grams?

Lab Rats vol. 1 was produced by:
@CLPNation @MDofCLP @AlecBurnright @BeatsByEsK

– @JboltAmg
– @SkezySmoov