Bring people together 

This step is actually one of my favorites because it requires you to not only master your own interpersonal skills, but then manipulate others interpersonal skills into coming together for a common purpose. If you can do this, then you’re like the Ip Man of interpersonal skills. Ipterpersonal Man? I digress.

Resolve conflicts 

Conflicts are shitty. Especially dumb conflicts. Dumb conflicts are those that could easily be resolved by just hashing out differences in opinions, but one or more parties refuse to air it out. Next time conflict arises, take a step back..and help other take a step back as well. Access the situation. Weigh out the pros and cons. Figure out a solution.


Communicate clearly

Communicating clearly is more that articulation of words…it’s articulation of thoughts and ideas as well. When there are players of different skill levels involved, make sure to leave nothing to chance. Don’t assume your teammate will expect a no look pass from you. Let him know to be ready for a no look pass. Wet!

Humor others

LOL. Yes, sometimes it’s beneficial to just let others have their 15 minutes. Whether that listening to a story you already know, or hearing fact’s that aren’t as correct as you recall them…take a deep breathe, practice some active listening…and then take the floor when it’s appropriate.

See it from their side

Now whether the Universe revolves around you or not is a matter of opinion at times, I’m sure. However, practice walking in other peoples shoes. I’m not saying let your guard down, or eliminate all your reservations…but rather, take the time to appreciate both sides of the situation. It should prove beneficial

Don’t complain 

No matter how bad the situation seems, it could always be worse. Seriously…it’s that simple. While you may not be getting your way currently…there are kids in this world who won’t get a meal this week. Shut the fuck up and don’t complain!


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