It’s Friday so we’re back with some dope information, that’s sure to give you one up…or in this case ten up on the competition. For our first issue of Free99 Friday, we’re bringing you 10 ways to improve your interpersonal skills. Simply put, interpersonal skills are those techniques utilized when interacting with other people. Try these 10 simple steps for the next week and test the results for yourself. If you’re not fully satisfied…return your Free99 Friday to (less S&H) for a full refund.



This one is pretty straight forward. Share those pearly whites with the world. They say smiling is contagious, but did you know that a simple smile can reduce stress, build trust and increase productivity? Next time you’re interacting with someone, try giving them an genuine smile and then seeing how the interaction or conversation evolves.

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Be Appreciative

This one can be a tough one. Sometimes being appreciative for something or someone, means appreciating the opportunity or moment more than a tangible object. Remember, regardless of what situation you’re in…good or bad…it’s always something you can tie a notch on your life experience belt for.


Pay attention to others

This step can also be tough, especially when you’re truly not interested in what the other person has to say…but that’s what makes this step part of the challenge. You won’t always be around people who interest you. Everyone will not always be on your level, but improving your interpersonal skills requires that you learn to adapt to these situations.

Practice active listening

Going hand in hand, especially in those situations where paying attention to others is key, is utilizing active listening skills. Active listening goes beyond paying attention and requires you to formulate your own thoughts and ideas while you’re paying attention to what others say. I wouldn’t call it multitasking, but more like keeping up…or following along. Do you follow?