Firstly. Shout out to for having the decency to not just direct link us to the iTunes website for these records. Every other blog out there….I hate you. I digress. I heard that the real issue with Drake and Meek Mill was that Quinten Miller (Drakes alleged ghost writer) was actually approached as well by Meek Mill for writing services. Then it all hit me.

If Drake does have a writer…which we’re sure he does…because the reality is that he’s actually more of a pop mega star, than just a rapper, then Meek Mill was either trying to take the same approach for a shot at Drake like success, or, which makes more sense to me…they’re realized a principle rule in aggressive business. That rule being…don’t spend/waste time doing something, if you can afford to pay someone else to do it for you. Makes sense, since the music industry…is just another business, albeit an extremely unregulated one.


Without a doubt, artistic integrity was/is being thrown out at an all-time high. Maybe artists are realizing how fleeting their moments in the “spotlight” are, and are just trying to  cash in as much as they can, as fast as they can. I don’t blame them. The internet made it possible for every and anyone to become an overnight sensation…and a critique, trust us…we’re a product of it. What’s worse is that we’ve perpetuated the oversaturation of the entertainment industry by funding the continuation of talentless acts. We…even us to an extent are the snake..trying to eat its’ own tail.

Oh yeah…check out these two new records from Drake. Pop Style features Jay Z (for 2 bars) and Kanye West…for a full verse. It’s not too bad; DJ Booth was disappointed but it will probably grow on me…when it becomes free.

One Dance will be the favorite record for girls between the ages of 21 and 25…who attend clubs, stand in circles…take pictures of their shoes in circles…and have that one friend in the group, who ends her night squatted on the floor in her Forever 21 shiny dress, probably pissing or throwing up on herself.

Drake stays winning. Don’t play yourself. Share and enjoy here! Once again, thanks for


“Pop Style”

“One Dance”



Purchase on iTunes: Pop Style (feat. The Throne) – Single – Drake

Purchase on iTunes: One Dance (feat. Wizkid & Kyla) – Drake