UPDATE (04/07/17):

Recently we received an article from Mikey Bruno over at ThriveCusine.com. The goal of the piece was to “make the science behind it understandable for everyone as well as offer as many knowledgeable tips as I could for natural lifters.” Given the fact that “one of the biggest misconceptions about being vegan is that you’re going to be protein deficient or missing certain amino acids making it impossible to make any sort of real gains.” we felt it would be a win to add this piece in support of Frank Medrano’s practices. Check out the full article by MikeyBruno here.

Frank Medrano, a vegan who does not eat any meat or animal by-products, can do things that would seem superhuman and/or impossible to the average person. If you’ve EVER needed motivation to get fit, this is it.

Facebook: frankmedrano99
Instagram: frank_medrano