Yo. Okayplayer just broke my heart, talking so bad about Panda Express. I’ve always assumed the food was some mix of GMOs, cellophane and/or rubber, but tell me it’s not some of the most delicious crap you ever ate? Anyways, yesterday I got put on to G.O.O.D. Music’s Desiigner’s single “Panda,” which is sweeping the nation due to its intersection with Ye’s TLOP (which was streamed 250 million times worldwide – numbers that some people think is a damn lie). Not to take away the power of influence, the power of the wave… but the original record sounds like Desiigner was trying to be the best Future clone he can possibly be and I refuse to go any farther into it cuz… you have ears. Regardless, it will – as many other tapioca records do – get stuck in your head and make you move a lil bit. I got broads in Atlanta… Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda. So, kudos for that. With DROGAS on the horizon, hot-fiyah emcee Lupe Fiasco tries his hand at the Menace-produced hit instrumental, bringing us “Express” – with an almost-five-minute lyrical barrage that strays just a wee bit from his usual stylistics. Real quick though… the way Lupe flexed on this, makes me think that BRUUS could have some fun with this joint, too, ijs. Burn up and catch the vibe:

via Okayplayer