Samanta Preis is a well-schooled American singer/songwriter based in London. What she has blessed us with on this glorious day is an epic, melancholic ballad called “Lost For Me”. This is not your cruising down the block on Sunday afternoon with a joint lit and your mask off. This isn’t even my usual vibe… but it’s low key beautiful. I wrote this next part before I found the video:

This is the type of song that plays three-quarters of the way through the movie. The main character is at the height of her conflict. You’ve already sat through an hour and fifteen minutes of seat-edging script and you understand the tribulations. She is racing down the freeway, hope is the final destination. The tires are struggling to grip the slick roads in the torrential rain. You don’t hear the scrape of the windshield wipers… or the dense cascading raindrops banging against the windows… or the whimpers escaping the distressed damsel. But you see the tears running down her eyes, almost in sync with the downpour. The slow-motion effect is pulling you into her pain. You’re crying now.

This song is a movie on its own. I’m no music theory expert but I love the waves on this. First your feel the sadness, then those gospel type chords come in, she rides it and your spirit is lifted. It’s as if even though she is still lost, she accepts it for those brief moments the progressions change. Only to sink back into a another spell of despair. OK. That’s enough words… next moves on you. Burn up and catch the vibe: