So, B.o.B believes the world is flat. If this is the first time you’ve heard someone mention that theory, you probably immediately start slapping your knees and pointing at the screen, undoubtedly laughing your ass off at how stupid one could be. Understandable. For me, that feeling has always been a definitive sign that there is something to be learned. I love researching, learning about who thinks what and how that one historical event went down according to whomever, etc. The one thing I may enjoy more than learning new things is watching people argue endlessly over things they may or may not even be sure they believe.

I recently noticed a friend of mine posting on social media with the #FlatEarth hashtag. Admittedly I had that same initial reaction that many people would; but after the laughter died down, curiosity kicked in and I started clicking away and soaking up knowledge. Cognitive Dissonance makes us allergic to changing the way we think, so often times we miss out on the random nuggets that we can find when venturing into unknown territory. Luckily, over time I have figured out how to entertain polar ideologies without feeling like I MUST choose a position by the time I finish the thought.

flat earth neil degrasse

The most interesting argument in this debate, for me, is the azimuthal equidistant projection that is used for the United Nations flag and several other entities. Look into it if you want, or just keep it moving. Either way, forgive the rant; I’ve been waiting for an outlet on this topic. Thanks, B.o.B, but I digress. Enjoy the sounds of “Flatline,” fully equipped with shots aimed at American astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

via Noisey