So the kind folks over at Mieux Magazine offered to have us come out and help host their first annual award show. Pretty fresh. We presented ‘Most Lyrical Artist,’ ‘Strongest Team,’ and ‘Best Hip Hop Artist.’ I think…. lol Adrianna kept yelling at me cause I couldn’t remember the names of the categories before I went on stage. But Chase Ferrari took home most lyrical, Local Muzik got strongest team and Vinny Virgo won best artist. Man when Vinny walked up bro he had on this smashing cologne: Eau De Cannibus (it’s French). Had to tell him he smelled good as hell and hit him with a No Homo real quick. The event was bit rocky, but an overall success for a debut event. MAD heads were out there politic’ing and networking and what have you. Met a few people out there I’d like to work with. Anywho, there were plenty of photographers at the event, our light was OOC, and I was drunk as balls, so I just took a few ambient shots to share with our fans here at the Nation.

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When you’re done viewing the gallery, check out some footage of Gatsby and West Egg accepting album of the year.