So, Mr. Burnright, alerted me to this current event today. In case you live under a rock… or don’t know how to read something without it being accompanied by pictures and large text, here’s how this one plays out. James Franco and Seth Rogan are two funny dudes, who are set to star in a movie (to be released later this year) which revolves around assassinating the infamous North Korean Prime Minister, Kim Jong-un.  A trailer of said movie can be viewed below.

Now, at first glance…this movie appears like it would be mildly crappy… mildly funny… and mildly offensive at the same time. Definitely Netflix worthy. This seems like the recipe for success here in the States, where crap rules everything around me … dollar dollar bill? Well, it turns out that North Korea, has reportedly…also seen said trailer… and is threatening “merciless” retaliation via acts of war if this movie makes it to is release date in October 2014. Now what?

I like most of Western Society have a particular image etched into my mind of North Korea. Actually…a few particular images. That of North Korean soldiers marching in eerily perfect synchronization, and a satellite image of North Korea and it’s polar opposite neighbor, South Korea.

nk vs sk

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which country on the image above is North Korea. Pretty crazy huh? From what I know about North Korea…it pretty much seems like nothing in regards to information, culture and social advancement enters or exits it’s boarders. Additionally, everything… about every aspect of life… is orchestrated by one Kim Jung-un.. and frankly… a lot of it seem’s nothing short of appalling. Now what?

Well ultimately, the point of this piece, is more to shed light on the topic that is North Korea, and less about immanent threats of war…based on some silly movie. I can’t be swayed on this topic, and steered into a bash session about a country I know very little about. However, I will not defend any of  it’s practices and principles for similar reasons, I just don’t know enough. Rather, I want you all to just think about what’s at stake and how serious this issue has the potential to become.  When doing so, here are a few things to consider:

  • Will we as a country, see these “threats” as a cause for a preemptive strike?

  • Will North Korea, make true on these claims if this film is released?

  • Are these reports, regardless of source, even true, or rather propaganda perpetrated by our own media as to distract us from other more pressing issues?

  • Are we as country casting the first stone, as to create another unnecessary international conflict? want’s to hear from you. Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below, but at the very least, ask yourself these questions… and other questions like it. Don’t roll over on your belly and just accept everything at face value, as that does no one, including yourself, any good. You’re better than that right? I’m including a 3 part documentary on North Korea, produced exclusively by the good folks over at VICE for nothing more than enlightenment. Learn up fools!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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