OK so boom. I seen the preview for Bruus’ new video for “Gucci” on the ‘book with no audio and thought, ‘word look at the red bar on his eyes that’s kinda dope.’ Then I got a chance to hear and experience the video in its entirety and I’m well satisfied. About halfway through, though – just when my attention span was about to shift to the strange falcon that lives 3 buildings down from me – Director ishotdat made a few sharp turns and the video got even more interesting while Bruus continued the snappage, just speaking facts over the thrilling self-produced instrumental. The long-anticipated Midnites and Yidnyke is slated to drop May 9th, wherever you look for music. Burn up and catch the vibe:

This how I feel when that damn bird starts shouting…

#NowPlaying #Gucci by @BruusMusic, dir. @ishotdat | #MidnitesAndYidnyke #MAY 9th →

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