So a coworker actually put me onto this video this morning, but I had to close it out before my boss came through and assumed I was watching soft core porn or something of that nature. I digress. I’ll be the first to admit that initially, this video gave me a nice warm…bullshitty in love feeling…which was nice. I figured anyone who watched this couldn’t help but naturally feel the same way. However, there are those who are airing on the side of caution.

first kiss, wren

While, notching a cool 34 million views in just over a couple days…there are those who still doubt the video’s authenticity. Sure it looks real, but there’s always that chance it was completely or even partially staged. What do you guys think? Real or fake? And perhaps a bigger question…if fake…then why? Just for laughs…monetary satisfaction? Let us know if this First Kiss video gave you a bullshitty feeling…or just smelled like straight bullshit. Comment below with your thoughts…or share this video with someone who could use a pick me up.

Film presented by WREN

Music by Soko “We Might be Dead Tomorrow”:
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