F*&# Your Jordans: Louis Vuitton Don x Air Jordan 4 x Dank


You already know how I feel about Jordans, more specifically, the rage that surrounds the famed “4’s”. I knew those shoes weren’t all that, and my suspicions were finally confirmed after getting a look at these custom Louis Vuitton Don Inspired Air Jordan 4’s. Damn…just typing that made me tired. As many of you may remember, Kanye West collaborated with Louis Vuitton on a line of sneakers a few years ago.

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While, I don’t know of any average people who were able to actually cop them, they were a hit…or so the media claimed. I saw the designs and honestly wasn’t impressed. While the colorways were interesting, they didn’t seem like a functional sneaker. I mean, you couldn’t hoop in them, yet alone walk quickly…and they weren’t a sneaker you could have worn out without having the fear of them being stepped on or scuffed plaguing your mind for most of the night. So while I’d like to think Kanye did something remarkable by designing some sneakers for a high end brand…I’d rather shed some light on some true talent.

Dank (Jake Danklefs) is a custom sneaker designer out of San Antonio, TX. The rest of it is pretty self explanatory. Inspired by the Louis Vuitton Don’s…Dank threw this ultra premium rendition on a pair of Air Jordan 4’s, making for one of the sickest custom shoes I’ve ever seen. Seriously…I’ll slap the next person who asks me if I’m going to cop the next re-re-re-release of the Air Jordan 4’s. There’s no design Nike or Air Jordan can thrown on 4’s that will top these. Straight like that! Props Dank! Check out more of Dank’s work here

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