So while I could go on an on about how Pusha T has been consistently a step ahead of the rest when it comes to his music and visuals, I’d rather you all watch this Lunch Money video and just enjoy it for everything it’s not. It’s not your prototypical rap record, even when it comes to street rap. Once again, Pusha cruises over an insanely different beat, produced by Kanye West, which naturally bangs.

The visuals, sans any eye candy, but still keep viewers hooked as we gaze through an assortment of security camera angles. King Pusha effortlessly flows over this record, and mildly takes shots an anyone in his way. All in all, this is a win, so leave your comments below if you’re feeling it….and be sure to share and enjoy! Visit daily as we bring you only the best creative works from across the internet.

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