Word of the night: collective.

done by people acting as a group.
“a collective protest”
This lit piece of musical wickedness, came via our submissions portal. Suspect Jay, I presume is part of the rap collective hailing from Queens, Eventually You Win. When I realized that this Perfect record, was pretty much perfect, I bounced around their Souncloud  to ensure this record wasn’t a fluke. It wasn’t. More to come on that in future posts.
In regards to Perfect, this is the fine line between crafting a hit, without sacrificing creative integrity. The instrumentation is upbeat enough to hit Top 100 radio, but still tuned well enough to appreciate the funky sonics of the main melody. Suspect Jay sounds almost like an awesome hybrid of Drake and Ryan Leslie. High praise we know, but our ears are and have been solid since ’03. Plus I’ve had this record on repeat for like half hour now.
This is our first encounter with this group, but we’ll keep an ear open for them. This record is lit. It’s available for free download below. Share and enjoy!