I don’t really have many more words I can use to present this gem filled “Layer Cake” to you… luckily this emcee Rootwords prepared a few that I didn’t think needed to be altered in any way. You’ll find the video for the Dubmatix-produced Inappropriate Behaviour record down bottom, followed by ]the mini-dissertation on the overlaying fuckry that plagues our world today. I really enjoy the cinematography on this… you can kind of feel the frustration in the music just by the way it was shot… big up to directors Frederico Lopes and Raphael Piguet for their contributions. Burn up and catch the vibe:

“Corruption is everywhere. Have a look around. Where can you not see any corruption? Nothing is pure anymore, not even the air. We are constantly being forced to choose the lesser of two evils, and some of us don’t even question our choices. We are a lazy generation, and machines do the majority of the work for us. We no longer depend on the natural cycle of the seasons for our needs, instead we violate the cycle of life by requesting what we want whenever we want. The world is off balance, and we continue to push the tilt.

The root of the problem is at the top of the pyramid. That is where the corruption is most rampant. The decisions and delinquency of those at the top trickles down and effects those at the bottom – who get hit the hardest. This is the layer cake.

Inspired by a fantastic digital new age riddim by Dubmatix, I wrote this song to remind people of where they are, what they are doing; and especially to ask themselves if they are aware of what is going on. The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t, so please just open up your eyes!”

via rootwords