So, I don’t know if the boys watch “Basketball Wives” like I do (religiously) but one thing I do know is that Draya is the baddest chick on that show.

She got a lot of slack, off rip, the first season when she showed up, but she was herself and wasn’t afraid to say how she felt or what was on her mind.

Now, that she’s in her second season on the show we have watched her come a long way and turn into a business woman who holds her own. Her swimsuit line “Mint Swim” has taken off and pics of bad bitches in her swim line have flooded my twitter. So much kudos to Draya and her future, we can’t wait to see what else she has in store. Check out this spread she did for Black Men Magazine, shot by Suliman Hasan (Facet Studio). Read more here.

SideNote: I know she is launching… Fellas.. and Ladies you might wanna be on the lookout for the launch.

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  • her face kinda sharp but she got some tittttaaayz on her