Once again, Detox is slowly making its way back into the the minds of Dr. Dre fans. I, like many avid Dr. Dre fans, am pretty much over with the Detox hype. Until, of course… its actually out. I’m happy the track leaked, but I’m disappointed that there is no longer that anticipation factor when it comes to new music. It seems as though, as soon as you hear about new shit dropping, its already dropped… been blog raped… and torrent gang-banged on the internet. Side note – fuck the wack-ass fake-ass DJ’s who leak a record and then scream a bunch of bullshit on it, hoping someone is going to Google your dumb ass.

Anyways, off my soap box on internet pirating and crooked ass record execs, because if it wasn’t for them, I couldn’t provide you with the aforementioned record. Enjoy… tip your bartenders… and buy an album everyone once in a while. It feels good. But in case some of you all feel the same way I do… just know the Dr does too..

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  • DRE BE LYIN!!! he aint usin all them synths and vsts

    he really on Reason 5


  • MD

    dam this beat is wicked!