Alright folks, we’re back with another Dope or Nah. We’ve been on top (not literally) of FKA twigs since she emerged in 2014. We know at her collaborations with T-Pain, and her topless photoshoot for V Magazine. However, today, we’re not talking about any of those things. Today we need your help deciding if her latest visuals for Pendulum are dope ….or nah.

From a conceptual stand point, I do like the video. If we were looking at it from a symbolic standpoint, we cold allude to the web of hair she’s caught in as a myriad of thoughts whirling in her mind. Even if this isn’t accurate, there were certainly a myriad of thoughts whirling in my head when I saw this video. I’m lost. I like the visuals, as Twigs is almost oracle like, but for the life of me there’s no way for me to really know if this was hot or flop, because it’s so hard to listen to her lyrics. I can’t tie any of them back to the visuals, to enjoy the deeper meaning of the record. Yes, I’m complaining, but as a consumer…I guess I have the right to desire music I can appreciate on several levels. Do I sound like a douche right now? A blog douche perhaps? A BD? Even after listening to it several times, I still don’t love it, and the lyrics aren’t sticking with me.

Sonically the instrumental is cool, by not being prototypical, but only really picks up on the back half of the record. Therefore, America, we need your help in deciding if this is dope. How are you feeling about this Pendulum record?

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