Hope you had a good holiday season, filled with money-spending and family-loving. I hope your New Year’s resolution works out better for you this year than it did last year. Most importantly, I hope you enjoy this list of videos we’re about to share with you, because many other viewers did. As the seasons change, we switch between building Dope of the Month and Dope of the Week campaigns. Each week/month we go through and run stats to see which posts get the most views/likes/shares, and we then promote those artists’ work even more. It serves as somewhat of a thank you to those who share our reviews of their artwork, whether good or bad; it’s a win-win because we get to promote our website, grow our network and expose dope indie artists to more eyes and ears. What we have for you here today is a list of 10 of the most social-media-successful video posts we’ve shared this year. If you’ve seen or heard WRTN3, then you know that we love to curate music from all over; but Being a Florida-based blog, its only natural that all the other videos you will see on the list originate from the great Sunshine State where our network is strongest.

Two things real quick before we get started: 1. Please check out Jack Fletcher & Crown Marquiss’ – “Mojo” (would have made the list but the visual is on Vimeo and won’t play nice with the YouTube playlist; 2. Make sure to enjoy “Sea Rich” by CRSLYRC (was posted later in the year and didn’t have the stats for this list, but still I love this song/video). So we’ll call these our honorable mentions. Check them out once you wrap up with the list below. Burn up and catch the vibe:

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 10. Intricate – “The Champs

With a rhyme scheme as intricate as his name suggests, the aptly titled artist Intricate The Almighty easily bobs-and-weaves in-and-out of The Audible Doctor-produced “The Champs,” from his 2nd solo project OG Totes. Intricate reps a set named Cap 6, who we hope to get involved in WRTN4.

9. Hardflow BOLO & Caskey – “Giga Drops

Tampa Bay rapper Hardflow BOLO teams up with Caskey for his first single from The Hardflow BOLO EP: “Giga Drops.” There are tons of solid females in this video; grab a pair of socks.

8. DEA & Saint – “Smile

Director Pablo Vasquez lends his expertise to the visualization of the Tysonious Mink-produced record “Smile,” portraying a ritual taking place in a secluded forest with both DEA and Saint covered head-to-toe in tribal body paintings. Taking it back to mother nature for the good vibes.

7. Infinite Skillz – “Black Burban

Following up his last official video for “Everything,” BASE Inc Music emcee Infinite Skillz dropped the video for “Black Burban” from the Late To The Party album. He is not alone; there are many who are like him. (Me for example)

6. DEA & Saint – “Peer Pressure

Taken from their recent EP Equinox, the dynamic duo DEA and Saint out of St Pete drop a fresh set of visuals to Track 2, “Peer Pressure.” (DJ Khaled Voice) Another one. The pair always have a more-than-creative edge to their work.

5. Various Artists – We Are The Nation 3

We at CLP Nation have taken the time to curate a 45-minute visual mix of some of what we believe to be the best indie hip-hop music currently circulating the web-waves. I’d build a Top 10 list for the audio we’ve posted this year, but just watch this instead.

4. Blu JD – “Home

Versatile emcee Blu JD released the first video from his debut album Road to Neptune. The R&B influence on this is so nostalgic, I want to throw my shirt open.

3. Rival & Shred TVT – “Raw, Uncut, Explicit

We present to you “Raw, Uncut, Exlpicit,” the second video from Rival‘s new album The Comeback. We filmed it, but these two killed the performance.

2. Big D & Jack Fletcher – “Code of the Streets

St. Pete comes together in this dope anthem from Unphaidabul CEO Big D’s recently released album, Last Breath. Even Steve Rifkind liked and shared this record…

1. Allen Snow – “Devil’s Cabbage

Heard a dope tape a while ago – Blanc by St. Pete’s own Allen Snow; one of the memorable tracks on there was a chilled-out slapper by the name of “Devil’s Cabbage.” I’m glad this made the list, as this was one of my favorite experiences this year.