Another week of ridiculous sports highlights, sweaty photos of Tianna Gregory, a free version of Pro Tools and more. It’s the little things in life that you have to kick back and appreciate. Speaking of appreciation, scroll down bottom in your new adidas and check out 3 of the dopest music posts from the past 7 days; our readers would agree. Oh real quick, who you got on the super bowl? New England will probably take it, even though they be cheatin

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Tribe Worldwide Presents:

Al-Fatir’s 8-Track Journey “Love Don’t Live Here” focuses on the many facets of love, twisting the very definition at times.

Procaine (Beat Tape):

17 New Beats For Sale, Take the #ProcaineChallenge to be considered for Lab Rats vol. 2.

Don’t P.A.N.I.C.:

BRUUS Is Not of This Planet, Goes Off On “48 Bars of Power” (Lyrical Exercise)

Last Week’s Dope


Dom Alli’s “Slippin,” Bohan Phoenix’ “Mo’ Money” & Trizz’ “Pull Up”

  • Bobby

    BRUUS does a great job on 48 Bars of Power. That is definitely my favorite song in this article. I love finding new music from this site! You guys post great stuff. How does everyone feel about 48 Bars of Power? Do you like the beat or would you have done something different?

  • Aleisha

    The beat is okay. It’s good, but I feel like there could have been a little more done to it to make it even better !

  • Lauren Eli

    Unsaid is so true. I love what it’s saying and the intro is really enticing

  • Lauren Eli

    BRUUS did really well on top of the beat but the beat doesn’t really make you feel anything alone. It doesn’t pound into your soul and I would just add a little bass