Sunday Funday! A fafillion merry wishes to you all as the cycle of consumerism known as the holiday season comes close to an end. To help with all the stress of purchasing the right gifts for the deserving, we gathered the top 3 records that we threw up in the last week. Scroll down below to enjoy them all in one convenient spot. When you wrap up here, let’s not forget that North Korea hustled Sony with the whole “The Interview” incident… Anywho, catch the vibes and check the artists out below. This week’s dope comes from Chicago, St. Petersburg & Compton by way of New York; you can check out last week’s dope down bottom. Send us your latest jams whenever you are ready.


Might Just Burn The Flag:

With “Never Loved Us,” TtheGAWD sends a message loud and clear to those targeted in brutal police encounters and to those in power who allow these situations to be mishandled.

Son of Zeus:

Cano J Bond stresses that “Your album ain’t shit without a Cano verse on it!” with his latest single, “All For It.”


Kendrick Lamar debuts an untitled record on The Colbert Report, backed by Bilal & Thundercat.

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