raven sorvino butt shake twerk

Admittedly, it took me a couple tries to grab a clear screen shot of Raven Sorvino’s homegirl twerking… so enjoy the photo above. We just got back from A3C, and had a blast. Shout out to Dilligaf, DEA & Saint, Five Drexler & SuCoo; but more on that later. Anywho, it’s Sunday and we’re back with another bump of the finest dope to hit the mean skreets of the N!ation. Get familiar and help yourself to a whiff of the Dope Of The Week – a weekly summation of our most popular articles posted in the previous 7 days. This past week’s dope includes:

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Teem Coolin Wants to Test Drive Your Sex Drive

Raven Sorvino Recommends Yoga at Broccoli City Festival

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