Greetings, Earthlings. I got good news… and I got bad news. Good news: I just got done watching Plies get suplexed. Bad news: I just got done reading about the 148 college students that were recently massacred in Kenya. Just some current events to make you more well-rounded. Let’s get right into the music our visitors enjoyed the most in the last 7 days. First up we have the visuals for Meka Jackson’s “Beat It,” from his project SUPARANORMAL CONFUSION – Cloudy. Road. Trips. Then we have the “Mojo” visuals from St. Petersburg, FL emcees Jack Fletcher and featured artist Crown Marquiss’. The last record we wanted to put that extra spotlight on is “Crazy” by St. Pete hip-hop duo Kyngz. We’ve got the visuals down bottom for you, along with a playlist of all the records. As a bonus, we included a few snippets of Kevin Hart’s recent interview with Sway. Aside from defending his position against accusations from comedians like Aries Spears and Mike Epps, he drops a few business gems that any entrepreneur should at least consider. Finally, when you wrap up here, feel free to sniff some of last week’s dope. Catch the vibe: