Ah… Just took a deep breath and appreciated the smell of freedom for a moment; why don’t you try it? We lost a great man this week. That man’s name was Praverb and he was as kind to us as he was “Wyse.” I hate to see death turned into headlines, but at least the folks at HipHopDX have started a fundraiser to help with funeral costs. That, I can say, is admirable. Death is never dope, but I definitely had to pay my respects during the weekly recap. Anyways, it’s Sunday fothermuckers so you know it’s time for the Dope of the Week. We come across so much music between the submissions inbox, our Facebook and Twitter timelines and from artists around town that it’s hard to keep up. I can only imagine how hard it is for the casual music listener to sit and sift through all the options to find music they can actually relate to or be inspired by. So, every week, we cut down the clutter (that we already cut down) even further to share with you the 3 top posts of the past 7 days. Yea, yea, sometimes a Thirst Quencher might slip through the cracks – or even a spot on Apple products – but for the most part, it’s about bringing you the audio dope.


LV’s “Ready Rite Now” is Dope Collection-Approved

Craig Tillman Films “Dark Love” with Dustin DeVars

Infinite Skillz Voted Best Local Hip Hop Act Again