It’s the first of the month, and we just saw Bone Thugs perform live on Friday night with Mickey Spixx. They did East 1999 in its entirety and it brought me way back! After I woke up from that show, all the chickens and sheep talking about a damn white gold blue black dress. I still don’t know what y’all were watching, but to hell with all that nonsense, all is see is the black, white & red in the logo. RIP Trayvon. Now, it’s the beginning of the new week and it’s time to highlight some of the dope records we posted in the last 7 days. We normally include 3 in the list, but this week there were a few extra records we thought you needed to hear. Catch the vibe:


TUT – “John Witherspoon”

MekoSupreme – “SKAWD”

Alec Burnright – “One Eye”

BRUUS – “Exhibit G” (feat. DJ Moondawg)

Kb da Boss – “Enamored” (Video)

Last week’s Dope


SuCoo, We Are Kyngz & Al-Fatir