Ah… Another fine Sunday afternoon in the first world; it’s times like these that you have to stop and smell the gas-powered roses. Most of you out there are probably dreading Monday morning, a disparaging feeling we here at are not unfamiliar with. Since your future is uncertain, let’s turn around, take a gander and see what’s been bringing the most love to the N!ation this past week. I don’t know if you noticed yet, but this week’s dope is all coming out of St. Petersburg, FL. So, big up the 727 for rocking with the N!ation like that. Feels good to have the townies showing love. Don’t forget to check out WRTN2, a mixtape featuring Various Artists from around the globe that have all been CLPN! approved.

JF’s “Mojo” works every time, ask Crown Marquiss

Jay-Walk’s new Mile Fly Club-hosted EP “Florida Hierarchy” is awax

Kayo releases a vlog, recording “Stay” at The House of Zhudaru

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Dope of the Week: Ray West Pays Homage to Lost Ones, Amanda Cerny Makes Us Want Summer Back & Mike B Reps Koreatown