It’s a cool, breezy Sunday and I just had an idea. Pop Quiz! What is FRACKING? Warning: there are sentences and paragraphs and you have to read a little bit. Just a little knowledge to round you out. But back to the topic at hand: in the last seven days we have brought upon your ears the usual round of indieground gems that we always aim to do. With that said, you already know it’s time to highlight 3 emcees that were doing it and saying it for our visitors here at the N!ation. Check out the posts that got the most love this past week, all the way from Compton over to Brooklyn up to Toronto. Don’t forget about Wayne, tho; you catch him sneak-dissing the label he’s about to sue for $8 Million on Sorry 4 The Wait 2. It’s definitely not Tha Carter V but hopefully it will hold the fans over. Now catch the damn vibe:


Oh Lawd: Don’t Let Toronto Emcee/Producer Dom Alli’s

Debut Mixtape “Slippin’” Pass You By

Brooklyn LoveLoveNYC Member Bohan Phoenix

and Cousin Ari Bless Us With “Mo’ Money”

Dream Team: Trizz and Go-To Producer AC3 Beats

Make A New Wave With “Pull Up” Mixtape

Last Week’s Dope: