I’m in transit to Miami at the moment, trying to get this Dope of the Month content up. Except the WIFI they got on this coach bus is blocking SoundCloud and YouTube so I gotta use my phone, which is almost dying. First World Problems! Anyways, after getting the Dope of the Year videos up, its time to highlight some of the joints we came across in December. CRSLYRC and Slimarous both delivered some clean visuals – “Sea Rich” and “PNBC” respectively. We got to hear a fresh mixtape from the NewSC collective called More Success, which also came with a dope visual. Last and definitely not least we have a curated gallery of this saucy IG baby by the name of Sydney Maler, which I’m sure your creep a$$ will enjoy. Burn up and catch the vibe:

Last Month’s Dope

dope of the month 2015