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It’s that time again, folks. The time to compile a short list of the stuff that literally keeps this site going. We come across a lot of tolerable music, but a few pieces stand each month proving to be aligned with our visitors’ taste buds. To give thanks to the artists we feature that send their fans to see what we had to say about them and their art, we promote the top 3 performing posts during that month. This works because the people who trust that we will give them honest critiques also trust that if they expose enough of their fanbase to our network, we will only work harder to expand that base on their behalf. Why? We like your music and cross promo is key for elevation. Let’s get to our first order of business… I’m talking about the way Tampa Emcee Mike Mass dummied up the competition on his recent visit to Sway In The Morning. The Young Parisians rep began the assault around 3:50 and delivered quite a convincing performance, contrary to many of the Sway appearances I have seen from other up-and-comers. Zhudaru rhymesayer Kayo Da Beast hit us over the head in April, too, with a cinematic video for his equally dope Ty Stokes-produced record, “No Time.” Last up on this months promo reel will be a 727 Cypher that was held over at Main Attraction night club and featured the sounds of Young Teo, Jack FletcherCharli Funk and a few other names well-rooted in the area. Burn up and catch the vibe: