I hope you’ve been keeping your head and your grass low in these cold January days; snakes come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve discovered a few myself, but I’ll let them roam around for as long as they would like. Once you finish dotting i’s and crossing t’s in your personal affairs, why not enjoy some of the freshest music we stumbled across in January. Basically, anything that performs well on is given more time to shine. The formula is simple, and I’ve said it before. First we post about your music. Then, if you like how we’ve presented your art to the world, you spread that presentation to your fans – who will often times do the same with their friends. Next, we tally up all the stats, and whoever seems to bring the most visitors that month gets a feature and some paid promo. We like you, say some words about you, you spread it, we spread it further. All the while, your music/video link is picking up steam, earning a play or two every time one of your existing – or potential new fans – stops by to visit. See? Simple. Burn up and catch the vibe:

dotm jan 16 ish


This episode of Dope of the Month features a couple fresh emcees out here in St. Petersburg, FL, with a little flair provided by one of IG’s finest. Mari (So Dope) brought us some laid-back visuals from LOFT2, due February 4th. “The Last Pimp” features the young Local coasting over a super-cool instrumental while sporting a fur coat, lit blee & a mug full of juice.


Dabron Kain dropped a two-part video from his Raising The Glass Ceiling album. “Too Real” and “Pencil & Paper” tell a compelling story of gain and loss with a few cameos from rising Tampa Bay artists.


Jack Fletcher graces our pages once again with a vicious record that will undoubtedly inspire any wordsmith to pick up a pen. “Fever” was made possible – in part – by the soulful melodies of Yung Phy.


Of course, we’ve got also got something to quench the thirsty. Shout out to Stephanie Rao of Instagram fame; I don’t know what all she does to contribute to the world, but these under-boob shots are impeccable.

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