Like we always do it this time, we’re ’bout to show you what most people came to listen to in the month of February. You know how this works… my favorite formula: maybe you send us your music or maybe we find it on our own, we post your music and share within our network, if you like it you share it with your network, and then if you expose a lot of your network to our world, we reward you by spreading the word to even more people inside and outside our network. This process also helps us categorize and remember the artists our viewers enjoy for future reference. Confused? Not my problem. Let’s get into a few of the dope records we came across during Black History Month. First up is DeNarrian Dupree’s “Nine Muses Flow“, which MD was uber-happy to post. Thank you, Dupree, for supplying the crew with fresh music. Next up is an Orlando cat named Brotus. He hit us on ‘thebook and said he knew we would love his music… He was right. He said he would tell everybody… Damn he ain’t lie! His new joint “Body Love” is liable to get you laid; look out for it in Florida booty clubs. Closing out, we’ve got “Grammy” from multi-talented entrepreneur Shawty Saprano – who you can find behind the camera lens when he’s not behind a microphone. Burn up and catch the vibe already:

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