September is upon us, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, the bad ass kids are back in school and traffic is extra turrible in the mornings and early afternoons. But you know what I always say. You always have love and yesterdays, capisce? Anyway, we put together another dope collection of videos that our viewers enjoyed over the past month. First on the list is Charli Funk, who actually made it to the Dope of the Month (July 2015) playlist as well. It figures, cuz I always seeing him going ham on his Twitter, sharing the CLP Nation articles that we put up on his behalf. That’s all it takes folks! Tell others about how we feature you, and we may end up promoting you even more. But I digress. This month, Charli brings us a quirky video for an CLP Nation-produced record called “Forget It.” Next up on the trend wave is a cat named Intricate out of Tallahassee, FL. He’s a part of a group of hungry young emcees called Capital 6 and blessed us with the mob visuals for “The Champs.” Pull up, skrr. Then we have the “Dirty Rotten” visuals brought to us by the duo of the same name. Emcees Joe Stu and Shred The Verbal Tongue combined forces to deliver an energetic jam for the hip hop heads to groove too. We actually edited that particular flick; let us know what you think of it! Last but probably the greatest ever (just playing, kind of), we’ve got the third iteration of our We Are The Nation series, WRTN3. The 45-minute mix blends some of the indie music that we have found ourselves appreciating more than most. If the continuous mix is not for you, then the full mixtape tracks are all available. Give it a try, you may find a new favorite artist to root for! Have yourselves a good day, today. Stay away from angry police offers and pissed off baby mommas. You always have love and yesterdays. Catch the vibe: