Woe dere. Yesterday was my born day and I’m feeling good. I’m actually feeling even better because at this moment, I’m listening to LehfSide Pt. 2 by one of my favorite emcees, SuCoo. Anyways, back to the task at hand: bringing you the funk of the month. Oh snap… might have to change the name next month… but I digress (again)… re-digress? First up, a lovely piece by poetess Cali Poetik. With “Black Woman Pride Awakening,” she sends a reminder to the original queens out there who seem to have lost their ways. JG & Ericalisa are next up with a beautiful R&B cut called “Dangerous” that will make you FEEL (like music used to). Then we have an upbeat joint from Tampa Bay songwriter Ari Chi, who lets you know that her love is a powerful drug in “From A Distance.” To close out, we’ve got this funky tune from Fanotch & KenoSobi called “Box Me In.” The song will ring true to many an independent artist out there, who just want to make their own brand of music and not simply follow the beaten path. Get a taste of the artwork in the mini-reel and see if there’s something in there for you. All the tracks can be played down bottom. Catch the vibe:

What was dope in August? Good question!

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