May was a good month for indie music. Everyday thousands of artists write, record and drop new heat for all of us .wav-diggers out here looking for gems outside of the big machine. We were exposed to just a few of these artworks, posted our favorites and now we get a chance to promote YOUR favorites of our favorites. So, it’s safe to say that – if you’re anything like our viewers this past month – you will surely enjoy one if not all of the records featured here today.

Before we get into the Dope of the Month playlist, I first want to remind you that the Mothers Day Mood playlist we curated is still saucy as hell and deserves at least 10 minutes of your ears’ time. Then, let’s give a hand to St Pete’s DEA & SAINT for winning a ride to the next Afropunk festival in Brooklyn. They pounded the proper pavement and procured a pair of passes to the party. Also, if you haven’t checked out Chicago emcee and actor Don Perrion’s “Latrobe” video, it has been nominated for “Best Dramatic Video” at Radio KSCR Music Video Fest in Los Angeles on June 18th. He has dope music and has been on a few episodes of Empire; you should definitely check him out sooner than later.

Okay, can we get to the May 2016 Dope of the Month playlist now?

Fine, damn it. Fine. BRUUS is a reoccurring phenomenon here at the Nation. If you enjoy our tastes in music then you’ve undoubtedly heard and bopped to some of this dude’s tunes. His latest contribution to our site map is a jam called “No Bend, No Break” – which, ironically, may bend and break your speakers. Cool. Somewhere between Gainesville and Orlando is where you can usually find next artist on the board, Rezza. We saw him perform “Gold” at AMH’s “Get Free” networking mixer in April and once we heard it live, it went up on the schedule. Clean as a whistle. SoundCloud Surfing (patent pending) led us to Atlanta artists Kenny Mason & DVDx’s visuals for “Super” which boasts nice vocals and some tight bars. Last up is another familiar face on our servers, the Young Local Ameen Spade. Spade has been spitting his intricacies for some time now, and impresses with his third full-length installment, ’06 Stride. We included track 12 “Make It Out” on the playlist. Damn, that was a lot of reading, wasn’t it? If you made it this far, you the real MVP. Now burn up and catch the vibe:

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