I remember when Casio’s were the cheapest watch you could get. The shame I endured walking through elementary school sporting a Casio, especially when Fossil was the rage. Fast forward some 20 years later… it seems as though I was only a trendsetter in the making. Casio however, seemed to always hang around with a consistent product, and they’ve etched their name in fashion history, by reinventing the brands image with the G-Shock. Once the Bape collaboration came around, there was no turning back. Now while the Bape Casio’s were sporting an asking price of $300+ per watch, this new line is set to create that same head turning affect. Check out the Casio G-Shock, “Crazy Gold” series, which is available in 4 shades of gold. The line is expected to hit retailers globally this month. There’s no word on price yet, but I’m sure these will be in the $150 to $250 price point. Share and enjoy!

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