You’re welcome! You might be wondering…MD…you’re saying we’re supposed to be welcomed for something, as though you’ve gone out of your way to bring us something to be thankful for. Exactly! Part of what makes so successful is the fact that we never judge a record, or creative work at face value. Time and time again, I’ve made mentioned that for every 1 dope record we find and share at the Nation, 50 to 100 were absorbed by our staff, but never made the cut for quality purposes. It’s worked out pretty well and this time we’re back imploring you to let down your barriers and preconceived notions of what types of music you currently enjoy.

Here’s how this heat breaks down:

We don’t know who Charlotte Gainesburg is, so check her out here.

We do know Devonté Hynes for this amazing You’re Not Good enough record. If you haven’t heard that yet…proceed no further in this reading and check it out here.

Sampha burst onto the scene courtesy of a few wicked records along side Drake. See below.

Emile Haynie, whom we just found out about, courtesy of the good folks over at Stereogum, has produced for the likes of Kanye West (Runaway) and Lana Del Rey. You don’t need to know too much more than that. However, what you do need to know…is how dope this record is. Listen and let us know what you thought of it. Don’t be scared now.

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